Yeah, right. Internet power. When pigs fly.

When Pigs Fly

Of course you can't download power from the Internet. Don't feel bad for falling for the prank. You're a dope. It's not your fault. You were born this way.

So, yes, you've been spoofed.

We're really sorry

Yup. Don't get mad. Don't get even, In fact, please don't get even. Instead, consider sharing this site with someone that, heh, heh, needs it.

Did this site load a bunch of viruses on my device?


No. We are neither that knowledgeable about how to do that nor are we mean enough to do that. So blame someone else for your computer crashing.

I completed the online form for the beta trial. Are you going to sell my name?

Rat on Head

Aww, hellz no. We glance at them briefly and delete them periodically. If you have a funny message, we may contact you for your permission to put up on the site.



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