Internet power since 2014

We've assembled a team of highly qualified scientists and technologists to deliver cheap, reliable power over both wired and wi-fi transmission protocols. We've also partnered with some of the world's largest utilities to obtain 500 megawatts per minute of environmentally-friendly electricity.

In 2014, our founder Dr Alex Strong approached ICANN with the idea of utilizing unsupported and underutilized Internet bandwidth to deliver reliable charge to Internet nodes. When the Internet was originally specified, about 30 percent of Internet bandwidth was reserved for future technological advancement. The rapid development of bandwidth efficiency allowed that excess bandwidth to remain untouched. Dr Strong and ICANN reached a partnership agreement that permitted Stream Powered, Inc. to distribute power through backbone servers initially on an experimental basis. After reliable delivery to users in the United States, Belgium, China, Australia, Russia, and France, ICANN is now allowing us to broaden our experimental base by beginning beta trials.



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